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 We’re almost half way to the weekend, Alhamdulillah.

 Today’s post is about Umrah and why we as Muslims take the spiritual journey all the way to Saudi Arabia. I was inspired to write this post after I asked my sister to watch my two younger children while I take my oldest daughter to Umrah with me. I realized that my sister didn’t know what Umrah was nor what we do during the Umrah, and that is precisely what prompted the thought. A lot of non-Muslims probably don’t know what Umrah is or why we go, so I decided to write this post to shed some light on it. Insha’Allah. 

First let’s get in to what exactly Umrah is. Umrah is a minor pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia and can be performed any time of the year except during Hajj season. Muslims go to visit the house of Allah which is known as the Ka’bah.


The rituals that are performed during Umrah consist of:

 1.       Being in the state of Ihram (men wear 2 piece white cloth wrapped around them. Women can wear regular islamic attire)

2.      Making Ta’waf (Circling) around the Kaabah 7 times counter clockwise.

3.      Perform a sa’i (walking fast) 7 times back and forth between the hills of Safa and Marwah

4.      Cutting / trimming of the hair. Men most times shave their whole entire head and women get a trim.

These 4 rituals complete the Umrah.

 So why do Muslims from all around the globe travel to Saudi Arabia to do this? Good question!

 For one, It is a Sunnah which means the Prophet Mohammad SAW did it and we as Muslims imitate the life of the prophet SAW as he is the best of creation.

The Prophet SAW was asked about whether Umrah was obligatory? He said: “No. But if you perform Umrah it is more virtuous.” -Tirmidhi

 Umrah is a spiritual cleanse. It is also a time to connect on a personal level with two great prophets and their teachings, Ibrahim and Mohammad May peace and blessings me on them.

For inquiring minds who are thinking “why doesn’t she want to bring her two younger children to Umrah?” Here’s why… For 1. My youngest won’t remember it. I feel it’s going to be a waste of money to take them for them, not to remember it and have full knowledge of how incredibly lucky and grateful we are for Allah to Invite us to Umrah. I want them to know the benefits and purpose for going to Umrah and right now they’re too young to really appreciate it. I would rather save the money I would have spent on them for this trip and insha’Allah take them when they are older so that they can really reap the benefits and rewards of this incredible journey. Another reason is I truly want to focus on my Ibadah during Umrah. It’s my first time and one of the purposes of doing umrah is to have a spiritual cleanse. As all the mommys know I’m sure they find it hard sometimes to focus on their Salah. now Imagine being in the greatest place in the world and not being able to focus 100% on their Ibadah. So there you have it. 🙂

Until my next post,

Umm Johar

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