Assalamu Alaykum Lovelies.

I hope you’re all having an amazing start to November Insha’Allah.

For the past 6 weeks I’ve been on this Incredible fitness journey. I’ve committed to starting and here I am 6 weeks later holding on and going strong. My first 3 week program I completed and i lost 10 lbs and 4 inches total. I’m becoming stronger and more flexible alhamdulillah. I am now into week 3 of my 8 week program and I couldn’t be anymore happier. Want to hear the BEST part of this?! It’s all from HOME with NO equipment. We use our own body weight for strength and resistance training.

I was terrified to start but I knew I needed to. I was ALWAYS so tired, I had little to no energy and my mindset wasn’t where it used to be. I would overeat like crazy to temporarily numb my emotions and was addicted to sweets and salty foods (chips, pretzels etc) To be honest, I’ve been starting and quitting this health journey for the past 2 years. Anxiety, procrastination absolutely NO accountability and no real plan and NO TIME- all of that set me up for failure.

I joined a friend for an online accountability group because 30 minute workouts from home seemed completely doable and the pics of the food she would share was all the food I loved and would cook anyways and it was PLENTY!

I can’t believe the turnaround this program gave me.

my energy levels have been insane
I’ve learnt how to do and stick with portion controls
I’ve lost 4 inches and 10 pounds total in 21 days. All by sticking with a completely doable meal plan (NO DIETING) and ONLY 30 minutes workout a day! FROM HOME!!
I feel so accomplished but more than that I feel healthier and stronger on the INSIDE and OUT!
Although there’s not a DRASTIC change on the outside physically – its done great things for my inside. it’s a great start! And 4 inches is a lot and 10 pounds! I’m finally in the 150’s
and because I’ve taken time for myself Which we as mothers NEVER do because it’s so difficult, I feel Ive become an even better mother! No more stress carried on my shoulders because I’m letting all my frustrations from life out in my workouts no more outbursts or yelling at the kids to stop whatever it is/ was they’re doing to drive me nuts for that moment. LIFE-CHANGER. 🔆

I am going to run my own online WOMEN ONLY accountability group. Just because I finished my 21 day program doesn’t mean that my journey is over. It’s on to the NEXT! Let me know if you want to join my fitness journey. We will commit to 30 minutes a day moderate exercise from HOME! And Clean eating. Basically what we all should be doing anyways! 🔆Comment If you’re interested in joining me on my journey! Let’s get fit for Allah.

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