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Today we have another inspiring guest post from Dee Laura . Today Dee Laura braves it out by sharing her inspiring story with us. Unfortunately, Dee isn’t the first and isn’t the last woman to experience any form of abuse. It’s hard for anyone to share their story. Dee’s purpose of writing this guest post was specifically for women who have been or are getting abused, to show them by sharing her story that it will get better and to not be afraid to get help.



I remember a time in life where I felt nothing in this world was going right, I felt smaller then I ever felt. I, at the age of 19, had probably been through more than people had in their entire life at age 95. I won’t go into hysterics of my childhood I’ll leave that for another topic but what I do want to go into is me falling for someone at the age of 14, someone who knew I never had a family or people who truly cared and used that against me in anyway possible. I got pregnant with my son at 15 and my daughter at 17. Their father was mentally and emotionally abusive. Eventually it got physical. I stayed..I stayed as long as I could because I wanted so desperately a family. A family that I wanted so deeply, so badly that I’d give anything to have it even if it meant my mental,emotional and even physical states being abused. Eventually things got worse an we separated,  he moved on quickly an eventually I seen other people myself. Which lead to someone passing away and My life forever changing. I had jumped through hoops, crossed lines of fire to prove myself to others after that. I was so mentally torn down. I went to drinking an eating an gained a ton of weight. I eventually found someone who makes me feel loved. Someone who makes me feel wanted. Yet in the past, all I would ever hear is women say “who would want you after that?  A man would. Not only that. But YOU WERE NEVER THE PROBLEM. He was. He was so insecure at how amazing you were he couldnt handle it an that’s why he tore you down bit by bit.

Eventually I started working out, eating better and lost 70 lbs! The gym became my escape an the edorphans released were insane. I started feeling better and i began to like myself again. In order for you to get over an abusive situation you need to look into the mirror an tell yourself, “It was NEVER YOU. You were not the problem.” This would’ve happened to any woman with a man like this an I can promise you any woman after will deal with these same things. You are beautiful, smart, kind and the only down fall you had was loving the wrong person. Fight for your mental health, for your well being, for your health and if you have kids, fight 20x harder for them.

Dear mentally emotionally physically abused women I’m here to tell you can and you will over come this. Read an inspiring book.. take a long walk.. meditate ..take a kick boxing class. Do something for YOU, because you deserve the world AND MORE.

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