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Continuing with day 2 of the 15 day series, todays post the Qur’an tells us 1400 years ago that a Fetus is protected by 3 Veils of darkness. This was discovered recently by science from Professor Keith L. Moore a professor emeritus in the division of anatomy, in the Faculty of Surgery, at the University of Toronto, Ontario.

The Qur’an states “He makes you, In the wombs of your mothers, In stages, one after
another, In three veils of darkness.” [Al-Qur’aan 39:6]

Professor Keith Moore confirmed recently that the three levels of darkness that the Qur’an is mentioning are:

  1. Anterior abdominal wall of the mother (vaginal wall)
  2. The uterine wall
  3. The amnio-chorionic membrane

Amazing, am I right? Allah’s words in the Qur’an are the words from the creator himself. He says Be and it is. There is nothing that escapes Allah’s knowledge. He made everything on this earth and in this world and in the entire universe.  The Qur’an came down more than 1400 years ago and yet science is only know claiming to have discovered it.

There is this story about a scientist that thought that he discovered something and he went and made an announcement about it. He was then approached by a Muslim man and the Muslim man humbly told the scientist that he’s sorry that he is not the first one to unfold this discovery because that discovery was made over 1400 years ago and every Muslim in the world already knew about it through the Holy Qur’an. Shocked and stunned the scientist bought a Holy Qur’an and read the verses in which described what he thought he had discovered. He was so amazed that he made a statement that these words meaning, the words in the Qur’an, can only be the words of God. He then recited the Shahadah and became Muslim. What discovery is this you ask? Find out tomorrow! 

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