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Todays post is a guest post from my good friend Dee Laura. Aside from being an amazing mom to her two wonderful children, Damien and Jayla, Dee is also a Fitness Advisor at Goodlife Fitness. Dee is an amazing writer and I’m honoured to have her Guest post for my blog. Today she is reminding moms all around the world to stop for a moment, put down the dishes, put the laundry basket down, the clothes aren’t going anywhere but your children are. They’re growing by the second, cherish every moment you have while you can. Be sure to follow Dee on Instagram at @missdeelaura .

“Every year about a month before my kids turn another year ..I go through old photos wondering where time has went ? How time is flying.. I remember tiny little fingers and tiny little toes and now my kids feet are half the size of mine. It’s insane. When they were smaller I wanted so badly for them to grow and do new things and now I want so badly for time to stand still so I can tell the old me to cherish things more, to tell myself they’ll only be this small for so long. Everytime I see a new mom wishing for her child to talk or walk or grow I feel like telling her NO. Enjoy it cause before you know it it’ll be gone. When they are waking up all night an your so extremely tired I know it’s hard in the moment but cherish it. Hold them, love them because before you know it they won’t wanna be snuggled so tight .. before you know it they won’t be having those day time naps they’ll be off to school.

Being a mom is one of the most rewarding things in life but we often forget to cherish it because we are so busy with doing everything we can to make sure that they have everything and more. I tell myself often now these times where I’m helping with homework cooking as much as it seems so much in the moment that soon I won’t have no kids to clean up after.. cook for.. wake up in the morning . Soon they’ll be independent an off into this big crazy world. Scary thought.

So dear new MOMS, Welcome to the world of motherhood. Remember all of these moments of being tired, of rushing places, of carrying bags of late night feeds only last so long. Take a minute to cherish it once in a while, I promise you one day you’ll miss it and wish for it back.. from a mom of a 9 year old an soon to be 11 year old, I’m wishing there was really such a thing as a time machine.”

Dee Laura

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