Salaam Lovelies,

Hope you’re having a great start to your long weekend.

Like you, I have been growing and trying to find my way to my mountain top and as we all know, life sends it’s own curve balls and what we believed we wanted to be when we were younger may be different then who we want to become for tomorrow. Regardless, we all should constantly be dreaming and be working towards achieving and fulfilling our dreams. We all have ideas of the things that we want to do and we all talk about the possibilities of these ideas coming true but to be honest, ideas without action are just delusions. So, as I have grown and continue to grow and through my own journeys I have learnt these 5 pieces of advice that I want to share with you that help me and continue to help me and I hope that they can help you achieve whatever it is your heart desires.

  1. Find something that you’re absolutely in love with and are passionate about, something that you absolutely love to do.
  2. Learn about yourself and discover your strengths and weaknesses and play to your strengths and work on your weaknesses as you pursue your passions.
  3. Surround yourself with a good team and a set of advisers. The team is there to fill in the gaps of your weaknesses and support you as you further develop your strengths and help you, day to day, work towards your venture goals. The advisors are folks that have successfully accomplished things that you wish / hope to accomplish at some point in your life. These advisors will ultimately become your mentors to coach you, to guide you, to inspire you, to lead the life you ought to live. Above all, they will save you time, money, loss, and increase the speed and time it will take you to achieve those goals.
  4. Clearly describe, write, imagine and visualize what the top of your mountain top looks like, what the end destination will be, who will you be, how will you be, what it will feel like, what does it look like, who’s with you. The more you can visualize it and the more you can describe it in much detail as possible and the more you can feel it being real and you can actually reach it and touch it in your own imagination and in your own dreams, that’s where you need to be constantly and everyday and in every way. Write, journal and share this visual dream / view of what you hope to achieve. Break down your end goal into smaller goals steps, and tasks so that everyday you’re chipping away at these small tasks and steps that will ultimately get you to your mountain top. I truly believe what gets written gets done. I have lived with this thought my whole life and I can see and feel and realize it’s rewards. On another note, I once read that Walt Disney would dream, imagine, draw visualize and illustrate the view of what we see of Disney World today constantly. What he achieved in the short amount of time in his life was only because of his fascination and obsession with his dream and working everyday step by step towards building and realizing and feeling this dream to come true.
  5. Don’t give up!! Don’t listen to your critics because for those that will laugh at you will one day applaud you. Pay them no mind. Run your own race and don’t let the negativity of such vultures get to you. Life is to short. You were put on this planet for a purpose. In addition to worshipping your Lord we all have a calling to serve the world and do something that has some impact on yourself and the people around you, whether that’s being an amazing mom or father, brother, sister, teacher, community leader, a business person, or being a janitor, whatever you do big or small do it for the pleasure of your Lord and do it with passion and diligence and do it well. Mother Theresa once said  “for those who sweep their doorsteps like the way Mozart composes music the world would be a beautiful and clean place.”
  6. It’s hard to take on something new. It’s risky, you’ll be faced with fears anxieties, the potential loss of money, time, family, friends peace of mind and all of the things that sometimes that are not necessarily in our control but when you follow and do the things that have been mentioned above and you truly fall in love with something that you love and you surround yourself with strong and good people that are there to cheer you on, when you break those big goals into small goals, when you commit to not giving up and above all, when you turn to your Lord, you practice patience and prayer you shall persevere. When you do hit those highs and those lows don’t be scared because for everyone that has been able to achieve greatness had to fail. There’s no such thing as success without failure. You must fail first before you succeed. One of the motos of my life is “Fail faster to succeed faster” It’s just the equation of life. Ask any successful individual whether it’s Oprah, Walt Disney, Steven Speilburg, the great amongst us will all tell you that they failed in many ways before they got to where they are. The difference between the ones that are great and the ones that are floaters is that they fail fast they learn from their mistakes, they get up they dust off their pain they raise their chin and they go at it again. For those that haven’t reached greatness and are still working away at achieving those goals and dreams are going through their moments of failure and small success working towards their dreams and one day those small failures, they will get to their mountain top. Maybe with a few scars, with several tears but with broad shoulders, with great and seasoned experience that will make them the people that they will become by the end of their dreams. When they get there you too can ask them if they failed, and I guarantee you that every one of those people have definitely failed far more than the average person. So the question is are you willing to not take that step and to pursue those dreams because you are afraid to fail? because I truly believe the greatest risk in life is riskless living.

Until my next post.

Umm Johar 

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